The Genesis Foundation – Connecting, Equipping and Empowering Christian Pioneers Internationally

Welcome to The Genesis Foundation.  The Genesis Foundation is all about equipping you to be the pioneer you were born to be. Whether you are a Christian business leader, a church pastor a senior leader, or an individual who feels called to live out your call to pioneering either in social action, community enterprise or conventional business, our aim is to connect, equip and empower you with the right resource to help you succeed.

We are based in the heart of the United Kingdom working from our premises at Alfreton Hall, Derbyshire but work both nationally and internationally with:

  1. Churches and Church Teams
  2. Other ministries working with pioneers
  3. Bible colleges and other Christian educational establishments
  4. Christian organisations and businesses
  5. Individual members of the local church looking to make a difference

We provide a range of professional services designed to give you the tools you need to create and implement strategy that will grow your influence and ultimately expand God’s kingdom through your work.

For more information about who we are take a look at the people involved in our team.