Ask the question ‘Why?’

When thinking about the future and planning our course or journey we only have the evidence of the past and present with which we can make those plans. Yes, we have a vision of the future but even those visions are largely made up of the same material. We can’t visualise something we have never seen before. Aside from supernatural intervention, we can only see what we have already seen or variations of it.

The same is true of our values and beliefs. We can’t think outside of what we see as normal. That is unless we stop and challenge ourselves and realise that unchallenged, our view of today is only a rehash if our values, beliefs and experiences up to this point.

So what’s wrong with that?

Well it presupposes that everything you will ever know or understand is what you know at this point. Of course that’s not God’s plan for your life. But unless we choose to challenge our own belief system we will be limited in our capacity to think ahead.

Challenge your ‘Normal’

Past experience can give you confidence. But it also has its drawbacks.  It’s important when thinking ahead to recognise the valuable role of the past. But also realise that your plans take place in the future.  In this future some of the conditions which have given rise to your present belief system will change.  This means that your values and beliefs need to change. The decisions which arise from the should also change.

I’m not talking about re-inventing absolute truth or changing God’s word.  I am talking about the fact that a lot of what we implicitly see as ‘true’ is a construct based on a whole list of variables.  It’s basically how we perceive the world around us.  It’s not absolute.  It’s a viewpoint.

Knowing the difference between truth and your perception of reality can make a massive difference to your destiny.  Hidden in what we sometimes refer to as truth are self-limiting beliefs which are not actually true reflections of God’s word.  Often the way we think about ourselves for example is more of a reflection of our own insecurities than it is about what God actually speaks over our lives.

Stop and think and ask yourself ‘is this actually true?’ or not.  You can continually and regularly challenge your own taken-for-granted assumptions. This ensures you are building your life on the firm foundation of God’s word. The alternative is a combination of what happens to us and how we choose to filter or interpret this.

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