Ask the question ‘Why?’

When thinking about the future and planning our course or journey we only have the evidence of the past and present with which we can make those plans. Yes, we have a vision of the future but even those visions are largely made up of the same material. We can’t visualise something we have never

Living in a box?

Do the terms pioneers or entrepreneurs sound exclusive to you? Do they sound like titles for “other people?” Can you relate to them in any way? When you think of a pioneer or entrepreneur do you immediately think of those “who have boldly gone where no man has gone before,” or the “big hitters,” such

Levels of Engagement : The Language of Confusion

There has been quite a lot of discussion recently about levels of engagement, or more specifically the language used to describe the various levels. There is no doubt that language is important. In the English language words are often used inter changeably to mean similar things which can be very confusing and even misleading. Take

The Golden Rule – Putting First things First

I guess the reason that you are reading this is that you have an idea for a project or business.  I would then probably guess that the first thing that 80-90% of you who are planning a project or social enterprise are concerned about is money.  Those of you who want to deliver a project