Coaching & Mentoring for Christians in Enterprise & Business

We are all about Christian Enterprise.  Our passion is to see Christians rise up and run after God’s call on their lives to pioneer in business and community ventures.  We share the same passion as you.  We want to see wealth creation, social change and spiritual growth in our communities and in business.

Christians in Business

We want to see Christian’s achieve their God-given potential in the workplace, both professionally and in personally.  We want to encourage you to believe for influence and progression whilst developing a Christ-centred approach to your working life, maintaining highest levels of integrity and faith.

Our community aims to bring people together who share the same desire to be all God has called them to be in the workplace and in business.  Your place in the marketplace is one which is incredibly valuable and we want to support and enable your journey as a Christian in the world of business.

Through social media, events, training and consultancy support our aim is to propel you into your future.

Coaching & Mentoring Sessions

Distance is not an issue when thinking about engaging a coach or mentor.  We can arrange regular one to one coaching and mentoring sessions with you over the telephone, Skype or in person.  Our Coaching and Mentoring will:

  1. Give you a sounding board when making decisions
  2. Help you manage stress at work and process workplace challenges
  3. Give you support in establishing your career progression
  4. Help you to make decisions in line with your faith and personal convictions
  5. Provide you with regular prayer support
  6. Allow you to formulate strategy for your business
  7. Give you an opportunity to reflect on your practice as a Christian leader in business
  8. Provide a business resource for you around specific business needs and challenges

Our Coaches

All our coaching team offer an independent, impartial third party professional executive coaching and mentoring service.  We are experienced senior managers used to working in high pressure environments and managing complex challenges.  We are also great listeners.

For more information about our coaching and mentoring please contact us on 01773 522474