Asset Management & Development for Church Buildings

Your church building is a key asset not only for your church but for outreach and serving your community. There is a movement of churches across the country who are looking to re-purpose their building and’or to extend their facilities to include specific community projects and enterprises.

This might be setting up a local community nursery, a community cafe or perhaps a sports facility or youth club. The Genesis Foundation can help you to get it right from the start.  We can support you from the development of a concept through to the sustainability of the project.

We can do this in the following ways:

  1. Providing early stage feasibility and business planning support
  2. Engaging with design and construction professionals on your behalf
  3. Liaising with the local authority where this is needed
  4. Advising on the best way to match your building with a community need

We do this by working both on a one to one basis or by supporting the work of your project board or church leadership.

If you are thinking about how you can re-purpose your church facility to make it into a place of public benefit and social impact then talk to us today.

Contact:  Steve Hall on +44 01773 522474 or email him on