Online Learning is a great was to access a wealth of knowledge and information at a fraction of the cost you would otherwise pay for this support.  At the Genesis Foundation we are committed to developing e-Learning input which will give you as the learner all of the information and input you need to get started and make a success of your enterprise or project.

All our e-learning programmes are professionally designed and produced and not only include valuable technical input but contain real time insights from practitioners who can speak directly into the practical aspects of pioneering from their own perspective.

Our Online Programmes

  • OL-01 : Community Project Development

    This online learning programme provides you with a step by step comprehensive tool-kit to enable you to set up and deliver a successful community project. The course includes a series of video testimonials from people across the world who have set up successful and sustainable projects. The programme is divided into 8 core modules which more...

  • OL-02 : Enterprise Development

    You may be looking to start your own business and want to look at how to go about getting everything in place prior to getting started.  Winston Churchill was once quoted as saying ‘he who fails to plan is planning to fail’.   This programme looks at enterprise from a Christian perspective and includes live more...