OL-01 : Community Project Development

This online learning programme provides you with a step by step comprehensive tool-kit to enable you to set up and deliver a successful community project. The course includes a series of video testimonials from people across the world who have set up successful and sustainable projects. The programme is divided into 8 core modules which include the following:

  1. You the Entrepreneur
  2. What’s the Problem? – The Project Need
  3. Partnership Power – Stakeholders and Partners
  4. Making it Happen – Management & Delivery
  5. Aims, Objectives, Outputs and Outcomes
  6. Knowing the Numbers – Finance
  7. Show me the money – Funding
  8. The longer term – Sustainability & Exit Strategy

The course is designed for anyone looking to build on an idea and turn it into reality. Community projects can vary depending on the needs of a local community or the beneficiaries or your own capability and focus.  The course allows you to focus on the specifics whilst working through our proven process.