OL-02 : Enterprise Development

You may be looking to start your own business and want to look at how to go about getting everything in place prior to getting started.  Winston Churchill was once quoted as saying ‘he who fails to plan is planning to fail’.  

This programme looks at enterprise from a Christian perspective and includes live video testimonials from Christian business people who share their own stories of starting up and establishing themselves in business.

It combines the key elements of our Community Project Development programme with a business focused process which will enable you to create a workable business plan for your enterprise.

  1. You the Entrepreneur
  2. Your big idea
  3. Know your customer
  4. Sales and Marketing Essentials
  5. The Right People
  6. Protecting your investment
  7. Finance & Financing
  8. Pulling it all together

The course is designed for anyone looking to turn their business idea into a new business.  The course allows you to focus on the specifics or your business offer whilst working through our proven process.

If you want to discuss your plans and your needs prior to signing up to the programme, simply call us on +44 {0}1733 522474 or email us at info@thegenesisfoundation.net.