Pioneer Leaders Summit – EVENT POSTPONED UNTIL JANUARY 2016

7th November 2015 (12:30 pm) - 7th November 2015 (5:30 pm)



This special event, to be held at Alfreton Hall, Derbyshire brings together leaders and christian pioneers and entrepreneurs who understand the times and who are committed to raising up people, projects and organisations who will pursue God’s call to be a pioneer.

If you’re a leader you know how important it is to develop the potential of your people. Within your church there will be people who harbour immense potential but may not feel the call of God into ministry. Yet, God’s call to all of us is to ‘GO’ and grow our influence in whatever sphere God has placed us. Whether this is the local community or workplace or a different part of the world God’s desire is to see his church equipped and empowered to live life with a pioneer spirit. This is not only a powerful key to church growth but vital to the establishment of Kingdom influence in our increasingly secular world.

“The more pioneers or leaders we can empower and release the more we will see the church strengthened and people living fulfilled lives that build God’s house.”


Our speakers are experienced pioneers in their own right.

Gerald Coates is a prolific church planter and founder of the Pioneer Network of churches, training programmes and ministries. Gerald is an inspiring speaker with an inspirational story. He will be speaking about his vast and varied experience as a Christian Pioneer.

Christian Allsworth is Director of the Message Trust Enterprise Centre, a vital part of the innovative and enterprising Christian mission organisation creating significant social and spiritual impact across Manchester and the North of England.

Both of our speakers will be sharing their own stories of how Pioneering has helped to change the face of the church using social action. Our host for the event is Steve Holmes, Founder of the Genesis Foundation and CEO of the Genesis Group, a group of Christian social enterprises delivering social value both locally and beyond.

This event is the official launch of The Genesis Foundation. The Genesis Foundation exists to connect, empower and equip Christian pioneers throughout the UK and beyond to create long-lasting impact and change in the world around them. For more information go to



Target Audience

Churches, Christian organisations and Christian individuals interested in connecting with others who are seeking to pioneer new ventures or who are already delivering ventures and wish to learn new skills and knowledge.